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Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Lila/Marinette Dupain Cheng
Rating: T
Summary: PIRATE AU - A normal raid has Volpina bringing back an extra passenger, Marinette, the town’s baker and aspiring seamstress. All Volpina wanted was the woman’s earrings, and yet ended up with the rest. Now she has to babysit her new captive until she can snatch the jeweled accessory from the woman’s stubborn grip, while steering clear of her former Captain, Hawkmoth, and his quest for revenge. It’s all very frustrating, especially since she seems to be falling for Marinette the more time she spends with her. 
Warnings: Minor Violence (Threats/Kidnapping?) 
Word count: 2,285


The town was barely visible through the dark which meant Volpina had to squint hard, even while using the spyglass. Night raids had both their perks and their disadvantages, Volpina mused. They were still far enough away that the captain had time to double check that everything was in place; she turned to her crew. handing the spyglass off to her nearest crewman. In total she had twenty people working for her, though the number unsurprisingly fluctuated. Piracy was a dangerous game.

Volpina silently stalked past each crewman with flickering eyes that evaluated each subordinate and their chosen weapon. Some held knives, some swords and some guns. Each would do the job. She passed by one of the newer recruits, a young boy who had abandoned his former life after being embarrassed by a woman he’d attempted to court. He refused to say much on the subject and Volpina didn’t care enough to pry. She knew he called himself Dark Cupid now, slipping into the theme her mates had established by creating a pseudonym.

“Ready for your first taste of fun?” She said it with a playful tone, stopping before him and looking at the bow in his hand. “A unique weapon choice.”

His only response was to glower and Volpina shrugged, moving on. She reached the end of her inspection and ordered everyone back to work while resuming her place on the forecastle deck.

They were close now and Volpina couldn’t stop from fidgeting. They had been at sea too long for her liking and she was eager to put her feet on solid ground, if only for a night. She could smell the sand and smoke that wafted up on the air like whispers, telling her that land was near. Her fingers twitched and fluttered at her side as she imagined the treasures she would soon possess.

The ship glided up to the docks and hastily put into port. Climatika lowered the plank and with a hearty howl Volpina began the raid. The town's sleepy atmosphere was shattered by the sounds of breaking glass and shouts. Volpina preferred to hide in the shadows, slinking in and out of homes and grabbing valuables while the homeowners were...distracted.

Lights began to flicker on throughout the town while Volpina snuck deeper into the community. Among some mediocre looking homes stood a bakery, the lights still out and seemingly undisturbed. The shop looked well-off and Volpina grinned. She could bring back not only gold but also some delicious pastries.

She removed her belt and sword and stashed them behind a crate in the street. Tousling her hair and ripping the loose sleeves of her shirt gave her the appearance of someone who had been attacked. Volpina threw herself at the bakery’s door and let out a distressing scream.

Almost immediately, the lights in the bakery’s second story turned on, as well as in one of the neighboring homes.

“Please, open your door! They’re after me,” She let the false fear saturate her voice as she pounded on the door. The light of a candle was visible through the window before it disappeared and the door was opened to a petite woman with a shocked and worried expression illuminated by the flickering candlelight. Volpina was momentarily speechless, distracted by the blue of her eyes and the sleep mussed hair that framed her face.

Volpina gathered her wits and resumed her act. “Please… I,” She looked behind her, as if she was afraid she were being followed, “Haven’t you heard the noise? There’s pirates attacking. I just barely escaped and I don’t know where to go.”

The woman gasped softly and pushed Volpina inside while looking beyond her door. In the distance, the glow of fire along with the sounds of clashing metal backed up Volpina’s story. Closing the door behind her and bolting it she turned to Volpina and directed her to a stool.

“Are you alright? Are you injured? I’m Marinette, by the way, what’s your name?,” Marinette placed the candle holder on one of the counters and smoothed her hair back nervously. “Pirates...What am I going to do?”

Volpina watched Marinette as she worked herself into a panic. Taking from her would be easier than Volpina had expected.

“I feel so faint, do you have somewhere I can rest?”

She delicately placed her fingertips to her temple and closed her eyes. Once upstairs, she could make sure there was no one else in the house before getting rid of Marinette and taking what she wanted. The whole process would be quiet and discreet, just how she liked it. The game of it was fun as well, exercising her acting skills and living an illusion if only for a short while.

Marinette placed a hand on Volpina’s shoulder and looked at her with a soft smile, swallowing hard before speaking as if to contain her own terror. “Don’t worry, you’ll be safe here. I’ll lend you my bed for the night and I’ll bolt the upstairs door.”

Volpina returned her smile warmly and stood. On her shoulder, Marinette’s hand shook slightly. She was obviously afraid. Volpina grudgingly gave the girl some respect. Marinette was able to pull herself together to support someone else in a tough situation; a quality most middle or upper class women lacked due to their soft life.

She followed Marinette up the stairs and into her bedroom. Volpina noted there seemed to only be one room up here. A single living space and not another soul in sight. As Marinette turned to bolt the door shut behind her Volpina decided to answer the woman's earlier question.

“My name, by the way,” She smiled viciously, “is Volpina.”

She watched with satisfaction as the effect of her name showed on Marinette. Her shoulders tensed, her grip tightening on the bolt. Volpina knew what would happen before it did and with fox-like reflexes she grabbed Marinette, pulling her away from the bolted door and twisting the woman’s arm behind her back. She slapped a hand over Marinette’s mouth, only to retract it immediately when she felt teeth digging into her fingers.

“The last thing to bite me and get away with it was a ladybug,” Volpina growled, “And it had wings. You got wings to get away?”

Her hand still smarting from the bite, she resolved to get some payback, twisting Marinette’s arm further until the girl cried out. Marinette’s head came to rest on Volpina’s shoulder and she twisted her head to look at her captor. A mix of hatred and fear was clear in her bluebell eyes.

“Too bad we met like this, darling. We might have gotten along in another world.”  Turning to the door, she swiftly slammed her captive’s head into the solid wood. Marinette crumpled in her arms and Volpina deposited her onto the bed.

“Look on the bright side, it’s an exciting story to tell your friends.” She grinned at the unconscious figure, ignoring the small twinge of guilt. Marinette had been her type, subtly beautiful with a just as subtle fierceness. Volpina was reminded of the seas she sailed everyday, so calm and unthreatening on the surface but which held danger in it’s dark blue depths.

Volpina lingered too long for her liking, watching the slow breathing of the girl on the bed before she unbolted the door and bounded down the first two steps. She hurried to the front door, where the fire and mayhem was now closer, the street was beginning to rapidly awake. Volpina wasn’t worried but knew her time was running short. Already the guards must be on the scene and soon it would be time to leave. Retrieving her weapons and emptying a sack of grain onto the floor, Volpina dashed back up the stairs.

Marinette’s valuables were not cleverly hidden and Volpina made quick work of sweeping everything into the sack. She knew Marinette would not be out for long, only two or three minutes.

She tied the bag closed, tossing it over her shoulder and turning to check that her dark haired friend was still sleeping. She was. Volpina made to leave but was stopped by something glittering catching her eye. Upon closer inspection she saw that Marinette wore small round earrings. The base was a rich red and was decorated with five tiny diamonds. They were tiny, round and clear. Volpina reached her hand out and ran her thumb over the earring. The design was simple and beautiful, reminding her of a ladybug. That was twice this night.

Volpina removed the earring before shifting Marinette to get at the other one. As she reached for it, Marinette’s eyes snapped open and made contact with Volpina. The pirate stared back with slightly wide eyes. Before she could do anything Marinette sat up, clearly about to say something, instead she groaned and clutched her head. Candlelight flickered and the earring still on Marinette winked at Volpina. The pirate set her bag down and rested her hand on the hilt of her sword, cautious.

“If you’d so kindly hand over the other earring, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.” As she said this she pocketed the earring she had grabbed.

Marinette moved to shake her head but the motion was aborted as it gave her obvious pain.

“No way…,” Marinette seemed to force the words from her mouth, “They’re family heirlooms.”

Volpina rolled her eyes. This woman clearly had a concussion and thought she could resist a thief? She watched as Marinette brought her hand to her ear and glared. Though the glare was battling with a wounded dog expression.

“You’ll have to take me, too, if you want this earring.” Underneath the grogginess from her head injury, there was real conviction in her voice.

Before Volpina could reply, a distant voice could be heard shouting. Retreat. Back to the ship. It was time to go. Volpina considered her options. One earring would catch a good price on the market. She couldn’t pass up the chance for more though.

“I guess we’ll have a new passenger aboard the Akuma.”

Volpina easily yanked the rope tied on the bag off and grabbed Marinette who was still groggy and slow from her head wound. Binding her hands and throwing her over her shoulder with ease, Volpina grabbed the sack of goods and raced into the streets.

Unsurprisingly, Marinette screamed. Annoying as it might be, it hardly hindered Volpina as the situation was already hectic at the docks. One screaming civilian among many.

She reached the ship and it looked to her as if her entire crew had made it back safely and with plenty of profit. She dropped Marinette and the bag of goods on the main deck and started darting around the ship yelling orders. Soon enough the ship was moving and the burning town was left behind. Any pursuers would be taken care of using the ship’s cannons but for now they were safe and the waters behind them clear of enemies.

Without the distractions of fighting or sailing, the crew quickly became aware of the disheveled and distressed addition to the ship. Marinette stood pressed up to the nearest wall, her nightgown’s long skirt billowing in the salty wind. Tears threatened the edges of her eyes.

“Let me go.” Her voice wavered.

“Hey, you asked to be brought along. I’ll let you go if you give me the earring.” Volpina sauntered over, stopping a few feet away, and held out her hand. She wiggled her fingers impatiently.

“Why would I!” Marinette bit her lip, looking frantically between each crew member before her eyes flicked back to rest on Volpina, fixing the captain in her blue-eyed stare. “What use am I after I hand over my earring? You could kill me!”

“I could kill you anyways,” Volpina said. It was a bluff, but of course Marinette didn’t need to know that. Her crew hardly killed unless it was in self defense, though they weren’t above intimidation and threats. Pirates with morals. Volpina internally rolled her eyes.

Taking another step forward, Volpina narrowed her eyes.

“I could make you walk the plank. You’d be able to swim for awhile, but soon enough you’d get tired.” Another step closer. She was proud to see a shudder run through Marinette’s body.

“Of course, if I wanted to keep things short, a quick bullet through the head would do.”

Volpina was only inches away now, staring into Marinette’s watery eyes. Slowly she lifted

a hand towards the glittering earring, but her hand was stopped by Marinette’s surprisingly strong grip. The dark haired woman’s nails dug into Volpina’s skin, creating painful crescent moons. Marinette’s eyebrows came down to create a fierce expression on her face.  

Suddenly, Volpina was too aware of how close they were. Their faces were only inches away, the positioning of their bodies too intimate. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the crew watching. Volpina smelt Marinette’s lingering perfume, mixed with the scents of the bakery.

She felt a sudden flush creep into her cheeks and quickly distanced herself. Turning to Reflekta and Princess Fragrance, she gestured at Marinette with a scowl she hoped hid her blush.

“Put her below deck. It’s been an eventful day, those on duty take your stations. The rest of you,” She paused and shrugged. “Do whatever it is you lot do. I’ll be in my cabin.”

Volpina headed to her room without looking back, knowing without needing to look that Marinette would go willingly. For now, she was safe and there was nowhere for her to go.

Volpina was left alone in her bunk, restlessly thinking about the girl with the bluebell eyes.

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