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Fandom: The 100, Harry Potter
Pairing: Clarke Griffin/Lexa
Rating: T
Summary: Lexa is hopelessly in love with Clarke, but Clarke is a little too quick to write Lexa off as another one of those rude Slytherin's with a superiority complex. How is Lexa suppose to woo the love of her life if Clarke thinks she hates her?
Warnings: Wizard racism

Written by my friend and I! She does Lexa's POV and I do Clarkes.
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Marinette woke up slowly. Her throat felt raw and moving any limbs took too much effort for her to be bothered to try. She hadn’t forgotten where she was but took this transition from sleep to wakefulness to throw around fantasy escape scenarios in her mind. Marinette had no fighting skills and to her it was a wonder she was even alive. Volpina was a newly famous pirate. She’d mutinied from Captain Hawkmoth and taken half his crew with her. And of that crew, Marinette noted, there were quite a few old acquaintances of hers. The night before she’d been escorted to a small cell, hay covering the ground and a bedroll in the corner, by two girls she’d known in adolescence as Rose and Juleka. They acted as if they’d never met Marinette and had quietly locked her up, then left.

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Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Lila/Marinette Dupain Cheng
Rating: T
Summary: PIRATE AU - A normal raid has Volpina bringing back an extra passenger, Marinette, the town’s baker and aspiring seamstress. All Volpina wanted was the woman’s earrings, and yet ended up with the rest. Now she has to babysit her new captive until she can snatch the jeweled accessory from the woman’s stubborn grip, while steering clear of her former Captain, Hawkmoth, and his quest for revenge. It’s all very frustrating, especially since she seems to be falling for Marinette the more time she spends with her. 
Warnings: Minor Violence (Threats/Kidnapping?) 
Word count: 2,285


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Title: In Deep Tribble
Fandom: TOS
Pairing: Gen
Rating: G
Summary: The Enterprise is sent to Rhelome VI, a planet on the edge of the Klingon/Federation border, to convince the native Bisheriri to join the Federation or at least open up negotiation for dilithium. The Bisheriri aren't too happy, a Klingon ship is lurking just on the other side of the border, and the transporter just broke. What could go wrong? (Everything)
Warnings: Nada
Word count: 3,140

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